Organizational Strategy & Design
What worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow. And what works tomorrow, might not be the right answer a month from now. When you connect with us, you’re building on to your already existing team with forward-thinking experts whose main priority is preparing you for what’s next. With a sound organizational strategy, we help you maximize your team’s performance by adapting to ever-changing work, including shifting volume, requirements and dynamics, and broader corporate structure shifts. We’ve got you.

Forward-Thinking In A Changing Landscape
Our organizational consultants have worked with many companies to help them stay ahead of the game, and we can help you too. Our proven methodology includes:

Team Structure
Role Definition and Delineation
Role Leveling and Career Paths
Compensation Benchmarking
New Capability Design and Stand Up
Capacity Planning and Resource Management
Flexible Staffing Models
Process Dependencies
Service-level Agreements
Operational-level Agreements
Funding Model Optimization
Department-level Cost Analysis
And so much more

Future Proofing Your Organization
Are you ready for what tomorrow holds? Technological advancements, evolving customer demands and industry shifts can leave any organization struggling to keep up. But it’s possible to not just keep up—you can get ahead while still being efficient and cost-effective. It’s time to future-proof your organization.

Adapt To A Changing Dynamic
Lucky for you, we’ve been here before. Yep, we mean the future. At Sierslev, we’ve got one hand in the present while the other is always checking the pulse of the future. That’s why we’re experts at helping organizations remain nimble and forward-thinking. Whether you have an established in-house agency or you’re in the early stages of creating one, we’re here to empower you.

Our work with clients includes:
In-Depth Needs Analysis
Department or Capability-Level Strategy and Scope of Services
Performance Metrics and KPI Strategy
Business Case and Year-Over-Year ROI Analysis
Operational Road Map and Implementation Plan Development
Design, Implementation and Change Management Support in the following categories:
Account and Project Management
Planning and Workload Forecasting
Process/Workflows – intake through project close-out
Creative, Marketing and Communications Technology
Reporting and Dashboards
Billing Model and Supporting SOPs
Resourcing Strategy

Process Evaluation & Custom Design
Boost your workflow efficiencies. With our team of experts, your in-house agency or creative department can develop more efficient creative, project management and business management processes that will lead to more effective operations.

Process Evaluation And Design: How It Works

We apply various hybrid methods to workflows. We also apply Workshops and Tools to envision and document improved processes. Our methodologies are used to clarify roles, align resources, reduce variation, eliminate non-value add activities and improve communications.

We’ve helped in-house agencies and teams of all shapes and sizes to strengthen and expand their processes with impactful results like:
Enriched collaboration, communication and team culture
Increased speed and productivity
Improved quality assurance
Ensured compliance
and more…

Identifying and removing waste in your processes, performing root cause analysis for process issues and documenting your newly optimized processes in preparation for implementation are all part of our process evaluation. But that’s only half of the battle. Buy-in across your organization is critical and getting everyone to accept change and follow new processes can be a challenge. We will help you foster a culture of continuous improvement so that you can meet your goal of driving real results. That’s why we provide necessary training and change management support and help you define the right metrics to measure your success.

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