Explosive conservatism
Gorrissen Federspiel is one of Denmark's most renowned law firms. The firm primarily helps the biggest companies with the most severe cases. Being able to provide competent legal services in this class is solely possible because Gorrissen Federspiel employs some of the brightest lawyers. That is the way it is. And that is the way it should be. Not because it sounds good. But because it is the precondition for being able to maintain and expand the market position - and translate strategies into reality.
Expect a lot – get a lot
Continuous success demands a focused effort that aims to maintain and strengthen the ability to attract new talent - and retain existing employees. In order to do so, we have built a platform whose use of words and imagery supports Gorrissen Federspiel's ambition and emphasizes that the law firm is characterized by professional integrity, great development opportunities and international perspective. In the form of movies, ads and web, we present the story of a highly ambitious place where one should be a top performer in order to thrive.
 Living law
For each film, a unique piece of music has been composed by Danish musician Andreas Käehne.
Advert in Berlingske's Guldnummer, June 2012
Spread in Berlingske's Guldnummer, June 2012
Advert in Djøfbladet, August 2012
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Employees made their own contribution by telling about their work life at the office where they are located
Agency: core:workers
Copywriter: Jesper Toldam
Art Director: Kasper Sierslev
Camera: Lars Wittrock
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