Menu is a Danish design company developing use design for the modern kitchen and a home aimed at style-conscious consumers in Denmark and the rest of the world.

• Create overall branding for Menu.
• Develop a communications universe which can show both the breadth and depth.
• Pave the way for concrete results on the bottom line.


We began with an analysis of the international market for identify how the target audience think and feel when it comes use design.
• The Scandinavian was an important factor but not unique.
• The target audience want to dream away and into a situation which design can help.
• The unique and original is coveted.

Based on the communications universe House of Menu we drew up the market as:
• Always contained a clear, unique and original idea.
• Was so nice and well designed as the products.
• Spoke to both brain and heart.


Already within a year knew the results that we had been correct.
• Sales were 42% above budget in a stagnating market.
• It must be compared with the previous year when the market was growing.
• Communications universe has now been running successfully for 2 years.
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