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Past presentation topics have included:
• State of the In-House Creative Industry
• Tips and Best Practices: Workflow Tool Selection
• Future Proofing In-House Agencies
• Metrics for In-House Agencies
• Pros and Cons of In-house Models
• Creating The In-house Framework
• The Skinny on Agile
• Recruiting, Interviewing, Hiring, and Professional Development Best Practices

We partner with you to determine the appropriate content that will both inform and engage your audience.
Kasper is an Award-winning marketeer and creative. He has worked with big international brands such as Apple, Lego, and Mars and build and led in-house creative departments at among others Maersk and Georg Jensen. He has more than 20 years of experience from the advertising industry but also worked as an illustrator and film editor and won international recognition.
Kasper speaks throughout the year to large groups at events such as The State of In-house, webinars and other industry conferences, as well as in smaller, more intimate settings such as team meetings.
Fees are based on the amount of preparation required and speech length.
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